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Lowlife 2090
by John-Paul S.
Publisher: Pickpocket Press
Date Added: 06/20/2021 20:38:07
Lowlife 2090 This is one of the first cyberpunk RPG's where I've seen "gritty" without excessive levels of complexity. Characters are made quickly, but still are characterful. Skills are simple, but provide a LOT of flexibility in their use. And the setting is concise, but enough to start whole campaigns. Balancing all these things that would normally be mutually exclusive was a rather masterful act.

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Torg Eternity - Core Rules
by Chad D.
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
Date Added: 06/20/2021 20:04:18
Torg Eternity - Core Rules As a huge fan of the original edition, I was intrigued  and excited when I heard about the Kickstarter. Reading the final product, however, I'm more than a little disappointed by it. Don't get me wrong, the book is beautiful to look at and is obviously a labor of love. For those aspects, I can only commend the writers. That said, this is not the Torg I fell in love with. The setting changes don't bother me (differences in cosm interpretation were always part of the fun), but the grafting on of yet another tired Advantages/Disadvantages system needlessly complicates things IMO: e.g instead of your character simply acquiring a piece of cyberware or a new spell in the course of play, now you must buy the appropriate advantage to get it. Likewise, certain aspects like Magic seem dumbed down from the original, and splitting PP and XP has much the same effect in terms of resource management. Original Torg wasn't perfect by any means, but the bones were great and you could use it as a springb...

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Motif Toolkit SRD (Motif Open License Reference)
by Matthew R.
Publisher: Thought Police
Date Added: 06/20/2021 18:36:04
Motif Toolkit SRD (Motif Open License Reference) Okay, so having just got through my second read of the SRD I have to say this is a very well thought out way of handling an SRD and is decidedly different than any I've partaken in previously. **The Great** * Extremely clear legalities at the start without having to have a law degree to understand * Very fair definitions of use and what can be done with the engine * A different style where the SRD is more of a walkthrough of methodology instead of a ripped down system * Detailed definitions of how to handle some of the more unique oracle concepts * The exclusion of hateful content in the legal definitions * PDF linking and bookmarks are fantastic **The Good** * The 3d6 system is easily understood and easily accessible due to d6 being available pretty much anywhere * Instructions on templating and how to create them for release of your own products * Included patches are a very generous add on * The discussion of Bleed & how it's okay **Possible Areas of Improvement** ...

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Kunai Academy
by Johnathan T.
Publisher: Sweaterpunk Studios
Date Added: 06/20/2021 18:14:15
Kunai Academy Kunai Academy is, without a doubt, a pleasure to read. If you're into shonen-ninja manga or just want a short and simple TTRPG to look at, this is for you. To start off, the presentation and organization of the rulebook is charming. Each "section" flows naturally, containg a variety of colorful and distinctive character art to break up the information. While the rulebook is small and portable, what's condensed into it is quite efficient. If you're reading front to back, it takes only around an hour or two to read (with time flying by). Character creation is, likewise, effective to pacing the introduction- You determine your ninja archetype, assign ranks to your attributes, and pick a trait and a few techniques. But, interwoven in the mechanics is a simple way to encourage player input into the story- village backgrounds, which let your players answer a few questions about the village and create a background character for the entire party. It feels very much l...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
by Linda H.
Publisher: Dandyline Games
Date Added: 06/20/2021 16:29:56
Haunt-House This RPG is fun to play. I played with the creator of the game and enjoyed the playtest we did at Gary Con. I wanted to try other modules that were out there and found this. I got this module and this one also did not let me down. I hope to get more soon in paper form soon.

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Top Secret / New World Order
by A customer
Publisher: TSR, Inc.
Date Added: 06/20/2021 15:34:54
Top Secret / New World Order A very nicely done product, obviously a labor of love for the original author and his supporters. The mechanics are very similar to Savage Worlds, and thus is useful if you are a fan of that system (as I am). The only downside in this rather nice work is it has zero connection to either the classic Top Secret nor Top Secret/S.I. And that is precisely where it falls apart. I love simple percentile-based games (see Covert Ops by DWD Studios which is an homage to Top Secret) and while the original Top Secret had a rather horrifically convoltued combat system (which we ignore when we played as kids), it otherwise was fairly easy to use. More importantly, I wanted to be able to use Top Secret New World Order to run all those classic Top Secret modules. At the very least, the authors should have included some notes on conversions for both 1st Edition and S.I. modules. Without that, this product tries to capitalize on nostalgia without delivering it. What is really missing is the deep, thou...

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INDEX CARD RPG: Free Quickstart
by Glenn M.
Date Added: 06/20/2021 15:13:01
INDEX CARD RPG: Free Quickstart This is great! I would like to buy it as a print on demand book. It would be great to show new players it doesn't take a 300 page book to get into tabletop RPGs. It would also be good to have a copy around a table.

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Mythic Magazine Volume 6
by Mark M.
Publisher: Word Mill
Date Added: 06/20/2021 14:08:44
Mythic Magazine Volume 6 Fantastic addition to the Mythic lineup! The mystery framework seems very useful and simple to incorporate into the overall solo gameplay experience. I really like that it's useful for both "whodunit" type mysteries as well as broader investigations like you'd experience in a Dr Who scenario, and the included extended example is a great way to demonstrate the features and functions of the system. A very useful tool for the solo player's toolbox!

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Lands of Legends - Mundane
by Ma S.
Publisher: Axian Spice
Date Added: 06/20/2021 13:00:20
Lands of Legends - Mundane What I love about this is, not just the sheer quantity of entries, but also the overall quality and brilliant ideas. So much good stuff I feel I could run a whole campaign with just this and my fav osr ruleset. Definitely getting the other books as soon as they come out.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Spark of Life
by Sean M.
Publisher: Chaosium
Date Added: 06/20/2021 09:41:49
Spark of Life I'm a moderately experienced Keeper and I ran Spark of Life for someone who had almost no experience with Call of Cthulhu or RPG's at all, the scenario took two session for a total of approximately 5 and a half hours to complete. Spark of Life is very well written, laid out and is excellent for a new or experienced player alike. I really wish there were more single investigator scenarios out there. Great scenario, well worth the cheap price tag!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Between
by Gabriel M.
Publisher: The Gauntlet
Date Added: 06/20/2021 09:22:17
The Between The Between is great. Every single part of the game adds to the story and deepends the characters. Even if you're powergaming, you have to powergame through the story. Each move, janus mask prompt, and dawn question (xp trigger) lead you deeper into story. Techniques like the Personal Quarters really force the group to listen to how each player introduces their character and builds the collaborative spirit from the very beginning. There is no fluff or wasted space. The idea that you can only discuss characters' backstories when the game forces it is a really inspired choice and reinforces the cinematic feel that the author describes in the rulebook. We unveil relevant information only when it's relevant. As a player this also prevented me from feeling locked into a specific backstory for my character. The book itself gives the keeper (GM) everything they need. The game itself is quite structured and the nature of the threats allow you to drop interesting and evocative ...

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Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon
by TAN U.
Publisher: PenguinComics
Date Added: 06/20/2021 00:26:26
Random Solo Adventure: Fantasy Dungeon I die all the times .It's up to your bad roll.It should have spicail options for helping more than this. But it's fun for me and my boy cause we cheated it.Now I try another your books.

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Rescue at Griffoncrag Pass
by Marshall C.
Publisher: Chad M. Lensch
Date Added: 06/19/2021 23:04:14
Rescue at Griffoncrag Pass Modifying this just a smidge to run it out a tiny fishing village along the Sword Coast. Initial read through was easy enough, it's made for 1st level characters, with the milestone level up mechanic as the adventure progresses. I'm on the fence with this method, but it does work great with this adventure. Kiddo (Mk 2, age 10) has a fear of spiders, and while I was initially concerned about her reaction, she was enjoying the opportunity to go all stabby-stabby on some 8 legged creatures. Kiddo (Mk 1) is 17 years older, and she ejoyed the role-playing content more than the combat (although she's very good at that too). The adventure is very coherent and logical, with no negatives to speak of. As a once through adventure it is working really well, I think it'd work fine if you wanted to borrow pieces-parts for a homebrew as well as the locations are common enough (isolated fishing village, lighthouse, etc). ...

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Reign in Hell
by Saul J.
Publisher: Snarling Badger Studios
Date Added: 06/19/2021 20:22:55
Reign in Hell Full Video Review including in-depth commentary on a campaign run: Reign In Hell is currently one of the only systems to run off the compact 22x30" board size that also provides a robust hobby and campaign experience. The system is tight, the matches are terse, and the rules are easy to learn. The game’s unique theme ties in very well to it’s mechanics and emergent narratives. It is great for close knit groups and is generously priced. I think the ideas within it alone make it worth the purchase, but more importantly, I think it is worth the play....

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Studio M— Compilation: February 2021
by Vladimir R.
Publisher: Studio M—
Date Added: 06/19/2021 19:59:20
Studio M— Compilation: February 2021 Studio M compilation for February 21 Introduction So, Hall Kennette is a prolific author that has been kind of focusing on Akashic magic supplements. He has a Patreon where he publishes his designs, and he compiles this material monthly normally with a thematic motif. This is the result. What’s inside?: 16 pages for 5 bucks, which includes: -5 Archetypes: The Kshatriya is an archetype for the Rajah, the only akashic book I haven’t reviewed, (I haven’t had the opportunity to play Path of War, let alone support books) that instead of the powerful Path of War system, uses the flexible and more down-to-earth Spheres of Might! I remember it has a low BAB, but the Kshatriya gets the adept maneuver progression, meaning 15 talents, and when performing maneuvers through vassals, use their veilweaver level. A great hack of the base class and NOW I will be able to use it, so I might for once read that book! Nice one! The Record Keeper Scholar loses all medical training and flashbangs for mode...

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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